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Tatum bring Brant to edge

Chaos Men Brant edge

When a new amateur model first appears at Chaos Men they usually do a solo (jack off) scene and if things go well, are invited back for all out gay sex or to be serviced by one of Chaos’ experienced masseur/cock suckers.  The latter is the case with Brant who is restrained and blindfolded by Tatum then pleasured until he can’t hold back.

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Brant debut at Chaos Men

Brant from Chaos Men

Bryan at Chaos Men knows that we ginger fans are hardcore and die hard. Were loyal to the sites that continue to add new redheads to their line up. To that end, Chaos Men presents BRANT. Bryan went out of his way to bring this big dicked jock to the studio. Brant is about as straight as any guy who does porn. He was nervous about performing on a gay site. Funny, it doesn’t show in his performance.

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