Alan Parish fucks Nathan Stratus

Alan Parish fucks Nathan Stratus

Things start tender enough with Alan Parish slurping on Nathan Stratus’ dick.  Both young men seem to be enjoying the dick sucking and the deep kissing afterwords.  But Alan wants more and knows how to get what he wants, mainly his hard cock deep into Nathan’s ass.  Alan puts on a condom as Nathan applies a bit of lube and gets ready to lower himself onto Alan’s hard dick.

Nathan is lowering himself slowly when Alan decides enough is enough and thrusts his hip up off the bed to drive his cock deep into Nathan.  At this point, Nathan doesn’t mind as he is fully into the fucking that Alan is giving him and enjoys stroking himself as he bounces up and down.  Alan Parish isn’t all take though, he gently kisses Nathan for a bit before kneeling him over the headboard to fuck him from behind.  It gets wild when Alan grabs Nathan by the throat to pull him hard back onto his cock and wilder when Nathan reaches around to pull himself closer, pushing Alan’s dick in deeper.  These guys certainly love to fuck!  They finish the scene face to face with Alan pushing his dick in hard and fast as Nathan jerks himself off.  As you can see in the pictures, they’re both quite happy when it’s done.

Alan & Nathan’s Sex Pictures

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Model: Alan Parish

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