Jay Alexander fucks Bennett Anthony

Jay Alexander fucks Bennett Anthony

When Bennett Anthony sees Jay Alexander’s picture on an online dating app he can’t believe his eyes.  He thinks there’s no way that skinny guys cock can be so big.  So he invites him over to see it for himself.  Bennett gets all horned up looking through Jay’s pictures as he waits so there’s little talk when the Jay shows up.


Bennett admits that Jays is the biggest cock he’s seen and will be the biggest he’s ever sucked or let fuck him.  That is, if he can take it.  Within seconds they’re both naked; admiring each other’s tattoos and growing cocks.  Like most, Jay admires Bennett’s ass as well.

Bennett wastes no time getting down on his knees to suck Jay’s really big dick.  His mouth can barely open wide enough to fit it in and even with his dick sucking experience, Bennett gags a bit with only half of in.  Maybe sucking it from a 69 position will help the monster cock go down easier – NOT!  At least we get to see Jay suck and rim Bennett – preparing the redhead’s ass for an extreme pounding.  And extreme it is too!  Jay goes to town thrusting his condom-covered cock deep into Bennett’s tight hole.  It hurts at first but Bennett quickly gets to where he like it, a lot.  From face-to-face to a riding position, Bennett takes every hard inch deep inside him as he strokes his own throbbing tool.  Not only is Jay huge, he’s a big squirter as well.  When Jay cums the stream flies into Bennett’s face & neck and leaves a stream of white glistening cum down his hairy, tattooed chest.  Satisfied and covered with cum – that is how Bennett Anthony looks best.

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Model: Bennett Anthony

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