Blake Matthews jerks off

Blake Matthews jerks off

It’s too bad that this is the only scene at Bad Puppy with Blake Matthews because this young amateur really has it going.  He’s cute, has a nice body, a great cock, and looks like he’d be a lot of fun!  I love it when first timers smile and have fun getting naked on camera and Blake looks like he really enjoyed jerking off for us.

There isn’t any interview or talking at the start, just Blake in a green shirt.  Green is a good color for him as it contrasts well with his bright red hair.  Blake has an almost permanent grin the looks like he really enjoys the fact that he’s getting naked in front of us and loves showing off.  Why wouldn’t he?  When he lifts his shirt we see his lean chest and abs.  His chest has the start of some hair that will grow in nicely in time and there’s a patch of hair on his belly with a trimmed treasure trail leading down into his jeans.

Blake’s rubbing has his dick semi-hard when he strips off his pants and pulls down his underwear to show us everything.  Although he trims his pubes, there’s still enough to revel in the fact that they match his wonderful red head.  It’s only a matter of a few strokes before he’s rock hard with the head of his long cock engorging.

Like his chest, Blake’s ass is virtually hairless.  He doesn’t seem to enjoy showing it off as much as his cock, bending over once and spreading his cheeks for a quick peek only.  After the brief show he moves over to the leather sofa to focus on his throbbing cock that’s still standing at full attention.  We get some nice close up shots as he strokes himself sitting first on the back of the sofa with his legs open then reclining back just before shooting his load.  The streams of cum look great against his patch of belly hair and, like at the start, Blake looks satisfied with a job well done.

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Model: Blake Matthews

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