Brant debut at Chaos Men

Brant from Chaos Men

Bryan at Chaos Men knows that we ginger fans are hardcore and die hard. Were loyal to the sites that continue to add new redheads to their line up. To that end, Chaos Men presents BRANT. Bryan went out of his way to bring this big dicked jock to the studio. Brant is about as straight as any guy who does porn. He was nervous about performing on a gay site. Funny, it doesn’t show in his performance.

Brant has an innocent, boyish face with a big friendly smile and  amazing clear blue-gray eyes. Looking at him fully dressed he is a typical all American college boy from the mid west. When his shirt comes off the perception changes; quickly! Brant has amazing muscular body with 6 pack abs, bulging biceps, and a smooth chest that shows his pecs and nipples off very well. As if his gym body didn’t distort the farm boy vibe; the tattoos and pierced nipples certainly does. I love me the bad boys with ink. Throw in his full flaming bush of red pubes atop his nice sized dick and WOW! We have a winner! Brant’s dick is already semi hard as he lowers his pants and underwear. With him barely touching it, it grows as he poses to show off his great body. In no time his dick is hard and begging to be sucked. (at least that’s what I was thinking it wanted) Brant does some pictures with his dick hard then moves into the room with a sofa to finish his jerk off video. One of the best parts of Chaos Men is the very classy studio photos of each model AND the action videos that conclude with cumshots and follow up footage. With his milky skin it is kind of hard to see in his preview pictures but Brant shoots a huge load that covers his chest and even goes up to his neck.

Brant did so well for his first time on camera that Bryan has already offered an invitation for him to return for some male on male action. Brant isn’t up for all on gay sex (yet) but he is willing to get blown. Lets hope that he is back soon and gets convinced to do more. Id love to see him in a scene with Carl.

Brant’s Free Jerk Off Gallery

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Naked Gingers at Chaos Men



Model: Brant

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