Tatum bring Brant to edge

Chaos Men Brant edge

When a new amateur model first appears at Chaos Men they usually do a solo (jack off) scene and if things go well, are invited back for all out gay sex or to be serviced by one of Chaos’ experienced masseur/cock suckers.  The latter is the case with Brant who is restrained and blindfolded by Tatum then pleasured until he can’t hold back.

As we saw in Brant’s jack off debut, this young man has a great body and big dick.  Brant looks great sitting in the chair, patiently waiting for Tatum to get started.  First Brant’s hand are tied behind his back then he’s blindfolded.  Tatum massages Brant’s shoulders and chest then uses his tongue to lick his way down the muscular ginger’s chest and growing bulge in his underwear.

Brant’s cock springs out as Tatum lowers the briefs and throbs as Tatum gently rubs the head.  The gentle touching has Brant’s dick throbbing but it’s the look on Brant’s face when Tatum begins sucking it that’s priceless.  We are treated to some great views of Brant’s face, body, dick, and balls as Tatum takes his time stroking and sucking Brant to near ejaculation.

Being so close to cumming already, it doesn’t take much to push Brant over the edge when Tatum slides the IceJack male masturbation sex toy over the head of his dick.  For both of his videos at Chaos Men Brant is kind of a quiet and shy guy.  His light moans let us know how much he loves the toy’s feeling.  As Brant’s breathing deepens and his body tightens, Tatum slides the toy off off Brant so that we get a full view of his amazing cum shot.  Great face, great body, nice cock, and an amazing cum shot – Brant is one of Chaos Men’s favorite redheads for good reason!

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Model: Brant

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