Bench Buddies

Connor Maguire and James Jamesson naked and hard

It’s always a joy to find two gingers together in a porn scene and when they’re as hot as Connor Maguire and James Jamesson, it’s even better.  With the hard bodies on these two athletic men it is believable that they spend time in the gym.  Of course their bodies aren’t all that is hard when they get naked for some post workout sex.

Connor Maguire and James Jamesson have sex on a weight bench - sucking dick riming fucking

It’s hard to tell which of the two, Connor or James, are in the better position as James stands with his legs spread spotting for Connor doing bench presses.  The bench does put Connor in a great position to suck James’ big fat cock though and works equally well as support for Connor as James rims his ass then fucks him.  The bar gives Connor something to hold as James does him from behind and support for his legs as they finish face-to-face.

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Model: Connor Maguire, James Jamesson

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