Evan Mercy FleshJacks With Luke Whyte

Evan Mercy fleshjacks

Evan Mercy is sitting on the sofa examining the box of a new FleshJack jerk off sleeve he ordered off the internet when his friend Luke Whyte asks whats up. Luke has always wanted to try the toy out after hearing friends say how good they feel.

Well, there’s no time like the now to find out. Evan drops his pants and whips out his semi hard cock to slide the pink jack off toy over his growing cock. Oh that toy looks so nice sliding down the long wet shaft of Evans hard dick.  The sight gets Luke going a bit too. Evan notices the growing bulge and moves the toy over to Lukes cock for some fun. Evan uses the FleshJack on Luke who states that it feels even better than when his girlfriend sucks him off. Evan knows that he girlfriend isn’t doing it right and bends over to show the horny straight guy how a good blowjob should feel.

Evan sucks on Luke’s hard dick for a little bit while continuing to use the fleshjack on himself. Luke is about all horned up and ready for anything by now. He kneels down before Evan to swallow the full length of his long cock. The red bush of Evans pubes against Luke’s mouth is so tempting! Evan has enough of the amateurish sucking provided by Luke and wants more. He moves his rock hard dick from Luke’s mouth to his ass for a good fucking. Evan slides a condom on before pushing every inch up the (supposed) straight guys ass. The guys fuck from a few different positions before lying cock to cock to finish things as they started, with the FleshJack. Both guys slide their cocks in at the same time for a very tight flesh to flesh feel. This gets their juices flowing and it isn’t long before both young men are shooting their cum across their bellies.

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Model: Evan Mercy

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