Evan Mercy & Tony Douglas

Evan Mercy and Tony Douglas

Funny sometimes how cleaning the house leads to risky sexual experimentation if not an all out suck and fuck fest with your room mate, right?  That was certainly the case here when Evan Mercy discovers a porno mag under the chair while hoovering.  Tony’s mouth & tight jock ass certainly feels better, and is safer, on Evan’s cock than the vacuum.

Of all the things that this room could talk about, if rooms could talk, the day that our strawberry blond model Evan Mercy is vacuuming the floor would be a good one.  When Evan finds one of Tony Douglas’ porno mags under the chair it instantly transforms his ambition from cleaning the floor to polishing his meaty rod.  There isn’t a guy alive that hasn’t thought about ways to use what’s available to assist in getting off.  The vacuum, however, is not the best idea.  Anyone who’s watcher Archer knows that!  Good thing Tony comes in to lend a helping hand, mouth, and ass to help Evan get off before any serious damage was done.

After the laughing is over, the dark haired jock gets down to business slurping down every inch of Evan’s hard dick.  It’s obvious that he wants to be fucked though as he unwraps a condom to roll over Evan’s uncut cock.  Even though it was Tony that instigated the sex play, it’s Evan that dominates once things get started.  Our tattooed ginger slams Tony’s tight ass from a variety of positions, putting him exactly where he wants him for maximum depth and pleasure.  Even isn’t all take though, he does take a short break to suck on Tony’s dick before lying him on his side to finish, eventually shooting his creamy load across Tony’s leg and scrotum.  Evan’s thick pools of jizz look great on Tony’s dark skin and both young men look happy, even though the room still needs to be cleaned.


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Model: Evan Mercy

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