Gavin Phillips does Tyler Hill

Gavin Phillips and Tyler Hill

It’s a classic story of hot anonymous sex when our cute redhead, Gavin Phillips, sees a picture of a hot guy, Tyler Hill, on a gay dating app and invites him over.  There’s very little small talk when Tyler shows up at Gavin’s hotel room.  The two young men start making out and feeling each other right inside the door before moving the the bedroom for the sucking and fucking.

Gavin still has his shirt and pants on as Tyler goes down on him.  It only takes a few bobs of Tyler’s head down Gavin’s dick before the young twink is hard.  Then Gavin returns the favor, taking Tyler’s hard dick deep down his throat.  Gavin continues with the oral pleasures, flipping Tyler on the edge of the bed exposing his ass for a good tongue lashing.  Tyler loves Gavin’s tongue riming his ass but is ready to be fucked now and Gavin is ready to give it to him.

With his underwear pulled down just enough to expose his shaved ball sac, Gavin puts on a condom then slowly slides the full length deep up Tyler’s saliva covered hole.  It’s obvious that Tyler loves the feel of Gavin inside him.  Slow at first then picking up speed, Gavin fucks Tyler from behind – smooth ball sac slapping against Tyler’s butt and we’re treated to some excellent close ups and from-below camera angles.  It’s hard to tell what’s hotter, seeing Gavin Phillip’s hard cock sliding in and out or the view of his balls, cock, smooth thin body and cute face as he does Tyler from behind?  Really into it now, Gavin takes off his shirt and underwear so that he’s wearing nothing but the condom and a smile while Tyler flips onto his side for Gavin to finish fucking him.  Again we get great views of Gavin’s pale, hairless body and awesome red pubes as he continues to screw Tyler.

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Model: Gavin Phillips

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