Spencer Todd’s three way suck fest

Spencer Todd 3 way

Brandon Beal and Zane Tate hook up with Spencer Todd for this three-way suck fest at Broke Straight Boys.  The guys are all in good spirits, monkeying around a bit on the bed before they all get up to show us their bare asses and get naked.  Once naked the action moves back and forth from the bed.

The three amateur straight men lie beside each other stroking themselves and occasionally lending each other a helping hand.  Once they’re mostly hard they all move to the floor to get sucked.  With two standing and the third on his knees, each guy takes their turn on the floor to suck his buddies’ cocks.  When Spencer is getting his dick sucked it feels so good that he indulges in some man on man kissing.  When it is Spencer’s turn he takes Brandon and Zane’s full length into his mouth and down his throat.  That’s no small feat with Zane who is well hung – both in length and girth.

After all three have sucked each standing they lie down to continue pleasuring each other orally.  Funny that all three took a bit at the start to get hard but none seem to have trouble with all the sucking and mutual cock rubbing that going on.  In true Broke Straight Boys fashion, one of them takes a big load of cum across the face in the end.

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Model: Spencer Todd

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