Spunkworthy Tim icejacks

Tim icejacks

When Tim did his debut jerk off video at Spunkworthy he said that it was more fun than he thought and he’d consider coming back.  From the first day this young ginger’s pics went up the members wanted more.  Tim needed the money and Jason likes to keep people happy so…  Tim came back for another solo set, this time pleasing himself with an icejack masturbation toy.

You can tell that Tim is far more comfortable this time around, joking with Jason and generally having fun as he talks about his first experience and excitement about being back to please his ginger-loving Spunkworthy fans.  Seriously, Tim was an instant hit when he first appeared getting more fan emails than any of the site’s previous amateur men.   It’s only my opinion but I think it was Tim’s awesome appeal to Spunkworthy members that prompted Jason to bring in more redheads and give them their own area on the site.  Since Tim there have been at least 13 additional red-haired amateurs that get naked and get off for us.

Even though Tim is straight, he seems to enjoy that so many guys are turned on by him.  This time around he isn’t shy at all as he strips naked and starts playing with himself.  The point when he sits naked on the sofa his cock is soft and balls hanging so low, it makes you just want to crawl up in there and help him out.  Alas, it’s Tim’s hand and the male sex toy that does all the work, unlike others who’ve returned for massages or gay blowjobs.  As Tim enjoys the feeling of the toy sliding over his hard dick he stands up and gives us a view of his forbidden ass.  The crack is lined with an amazing crimson trail of fuzz that begs for a good tonguing.  With those glaring bue eyes and a big devilish smile, Tim continues his icejacking – breathing heavy and his chest getting flushed just before he moans and shoots his load across his hairless abs and big bushy pubes.

Tim’s Icejack Pics

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Model: Tim

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