Spunkworthy Wade jerks off

Spunkworthy Wade jack off preview

Twenty year-old Wade knows what he is supposed to be doing when he strips off his clothes for his porn debut at Spunk Worthy.  Apparently his cock does too!  If Wade’s bright hair, luscious lips, or friendly smile doesn’t grab your attention, maybe his hard cock will.  Although Wade says he’s nervous, his dick is certainly ready for action.

As Wade takes off his shirt we get a good look at his smooth, tattooed chest.  He has the porcelain-like skin that so many redhead lovers enjoy and no visible freckles.  It’s great the way that Jason, Spunkworthy’s owner and resident masseur/cocksucker, makes Wade comfortable.  With a come-suck-me-now smile, Wade says that he is straight but he’s open to new possibilities as he tugs at his jeans to show off his trimmed orange pubes.   Open to possibilities, eh?  His cock certainly seems okay with that as it’s already 3/4 hard and dripping with pre-cum when Wade’s jeans finally come off.

The young man gently strokes himself to a full erection then stands to prove it, giving us a look at his fully naked body and hard dick that has a slight upward curve, perfect for a deep-throat 69 position or hitting that special spot that bottoms (and women) love so much.  It usually takes some coaxing to get straight men to show off their asses.  Knowing what so many of the site’s viewers are thinking about doesn’t seem to bother Wade though as he props a leg up on the chair and spreads his hairless cheeks apart  for a view of his furry crack.

Now that we’ve had a good look at every inch, Wade lies back on the leather sofa to stroke out his load.  Jason who’s still wondering how far the straight boy will go slowly reaches in to touch Wade as he strokes himself.  A smile, that’s good news for us as he doesn’t seem to mind being touched by another dude.  Actually, Wade comes back for a blowjob in his next show at Spunk Worthy but for now he is content with Jason jerking him off and that’s okay because we are content watching him squirt his creamy jizz.

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wade cums at Spunkworthy

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Model: Wade

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